Hans Steenackers

Group Leader

Thijs Vackier

Valorisation of 2-aminoimidazoles as biofilm inhibitors

Bram Lories

Optimization of probiotics via experimental evolution

Xabier Villanueva

Effect of social interactions on antimicrobial tolerance of pathogenic biofilms

Guglielmo Coppola

Chemical synthesis and evaluation of anti-biofilm coatings for orthopedic implants and urinary catheters

Luka Svet

The influence of interspecies microbial interactions on the development of antimicrobial resistance

Tom Belpaire

A combined in silico and in vitro approach towards studying biofilm structuring and antibiotic resistance

Jolien Meesters

Evaluating the influence of bistability in Salmonella biofilms

Lene Jacobs

Biofilm formation and epithelial invasion as responses to competitors in Salmonella

Charlotte Cums

Impedance measurement to study biofilm tolerance, heterogeneity and clearance

Alshimaa Hassanin

Antimicrobial strategies targeting microbial stress responses

David De Coster

Laboratory technician

Mathieu Joos

Anti-biofilm technology application in an industrial and medical setting

Lynn Maetens

Development and validation of an anti-infective, anti-biofilm and pro-regenerative envelope for sheathing medical devices

Sybren Van Ginneken

Experimental evolution as a tool to optimize anti-pathogenic properties of probiotic lactic acid bacteria for their application in wound care

Ines Thiers

Importance of Salmonella biofilm exopolymeric substances (EPS) during gut colonization and invasion — potential of EPS inhibition as an evolutionarily robust antimicrobial strategy

Hozan Mufty

The prevention of biofilm formation on synthetic vascular grafts

Lauren Van De Vliet

Expanding the horizon of the anti-pathogenic properties of Bacillus environmental probiotics

Sander Casier

Identification of robust collateral sensitivity for antibiotic cycling applications in Staphylococcus aureus wound infections

Fran Gilis

The role of Salmonella biofilm formation in the porcine gut

Thibault Debord

Linking biofilm structure and bacterial evolution on a single-cell level

Former lab members

Gitta De Wit

Cross-resistance of Salmonella against probiotics and antibiotics

Gitta defended her PhD on September 11th 2023

Pauline Brepoels

The influence of community architecture on the spread of antibiotic resistance

Pauline defended her PhD on August 30th 2023

Thijs Van Leemputte

Salmonella biofilm formation in the porcine gut and genetic markers

Maries Lissens

Inhibiting bacterial cooperation as an evolutionarily robust anti-biofilm strategy

Maries defended her PhD on December 21st 2021

Kenny Appermans

Antibiotic resistance evolution in Salmonella biofilms

Erkuden Goikoetxea

Impedance sensors for in situ biofilm detection and characterization

Erkuden defended her PhD on June 21st 2019

Lise Dieltjens

Interference with cooperation in Salmonella biofilms as an evolution-proof antimicrobial strategy

Lise defended her PhD on March 12th 2018

Elien Peeters

Innovative coating and delivery strategies for anti-biofilm compounds

Elien defended her PhD on December 13th 2017

Ilse Parijs

Effect of social interactions on antimicrobial tolerance and resistance development in brewery biofilms

Ilse defended her PhD on November 13th 2017

Anna Yssel

Molecular pathways involved in Salmonella biofilm formation

Anna defended her PhD on August 23th 2017

Stefanie Roberfroid

Gene expression study at the single-cell level in mixed species biofilms containing Salmonella

Stefanie passed her preliminary PhD defense on November 21st 2016

Ami De Weerdt

Laboratory technician